Doug Steele

Douglas Steele

AIA, Principal | Planning



Doug is inspired by continued advancement in behavioral science, especially significant recent expansion in how the brain works. Understanding how people think is key to his process. Doug gets excited about predicting what is needed to guide decision making, using just the right graphic visualization techniques to present data to best facilitate discussion. His interest in sociology-based design, design that influences behaviors, outcomes, and/or personal growth, aligns with JacobsWyper’s approach.

Doug brings 25 years as Principal-in-Charge for education sector planning and design projects, including over 40 for international schools on 5 continents, to JacobsWyper Architects as the leader of the planning practice. As a registered architect, planner, and landscape architect he offers a multi-disciplinary understanding of the technical solutions required for project success.  Doug has had the privilege of overseeing master plans of all sizes and the opportunity to design and implement nearly every building type found on today’s campuses. He has a keen understanding of the process, personnel, and expectations of complex planning projects, and demonstrated strengths in consensus building, leadership, and strategic thinking. Doug recognizes that few occasions exist when decisions are made by a narrow group of people, invaluable are skills to present all viable options, shepherd meaningful discussions, and collectively craft a final solution. With an intuitive feel of all “moving parts” he successfully coordinates large teams, applying unique organizational skills, to a diverse portfolio of projects. Doug understands that the physical environment is key to recruitment and retention and has first-hand experience with nearly every building type on today’s modern campuses.