Peter Saylor

Peter Saylor


Education Cultural & Museums

Architecture at its best, is not merely a building, but a lasting statement of identity.

Peter Saylor has pursued this design-centered vision across more than 40 years of award-winning projects for academic and cultural spaces, first as founder of SaylorGregg Architects and now a principal at JacobsWyper Architects.

Born, raised and educated in greater Philadelphia, Peter was drawn to architecture at an early age. As he recalls, “In the fourth grade I was explaining to my teacher how to draw a house in perspective.” It was an ambition that would drive him to become the first member of his family to go to college, entering the architecture program at the University of Pennsylvania.

Peter’s commitment to sensitive and exceptional design garnered local and national recognition for SaylorGregg Architects and continues as a leader in JacobsWyper’s  Cultural and Museum Design practice.

Today, with a lifetime of projects under his belt,Peter remains committed to helping clients to define and express their identity in creative and lasting ways.

“Getting to know the clients and their needs opens an exciting variety of challenges with every new job. Collaboration helps form the design direction, and leads to a diversity of creative solutions.”