Nemours Estate New Collection Storage Facility

Supporting one of one of the nation’s preeminent estates for public view, the 9,000 SF Nemours Collection Storage Facility will house collections including artworks, sculptures, furniture, textiles, decorative arts objects, books, photographs and archival materials in a manner promoting the stewardship of these culturally significant artifacts. This new building will be an important addition to the Nemours campus shared by the mansion, gardens, and hospital, and will seamlessly blend with the existing agricultural environment, thereby preserving this Brandywine valley setting as one of the prized artifacts of its world-class collection. Designed with waterless fire suppression systems and museum quality environmental controls fine-tuned to best suit individual set points for metal, paper, and diverse objects, and coupled with conservation workspace, this state-of-the art facility will allow for the rotation of artifacts from the mansion and safe-guard tens of thousands artifacts for generations to come.


Wilmington, Delaware



Project Principal

David Searles

Project Manager

Steven Falkowski