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We are in the business of transformation. Together with our clients and partners, we envision spaces where people are freed to work more productively, make discoveries, and live healthier and more joyful lives.

We love what we do. And we work not just for the love of architecture and design, but to satisfy our calling to improve the quality of life in our communities, both today and in the sustainable future. Our process is collaborative by design. 

We value and develop long-term partnerships with clients across a broad range of industries and institutions. By leveraging the design intelligence of the group, and making connections across industries and disciplines, we see farther than any of us could alone. That’s how innovation happens.

We have a culture that values responsiveness, hard work, creative problem solving and design excellence, and a respect for the environment we inhabit. We are able and responsible designers and partners, creating environments that we need and use, supporting the life of our community.

Key Services

Our practice is information-based, technologically enabled, and committed to sustainability as the foundation for high-performance design.  

Master Planning & Site Analysis

An effective master plan is the foundation for future growth and change.
For each master plan, our goal is to develop a full understanding of the existing site or facility, as well as the constraints, adjacencies and processes that are vital to its operation.

From manufacturing centers to corporate workplaces to university campuses, the JacobsWyper planning group has analyzed,programmed, and brainstormed countless scenarios to maximize efficiency and drive organizational success. We utilize a variety of technologies from in-house drone site scans and aerial imageryto computer modeling and virtual reality walk-throughs of the vision for the future. 

Process Architecture

JacobsWyper Architects have the skills needed to design facilities compliant with current good manufacturing practices (cGMPs).

We understand the fundamental organization of the pharmaceutical manufacturing facility as embodied in its components, their relationships to each other, and the environment. As specialist in the integration of processes and equipment into facilities that are GMP compliant and optimized for their purpose we develop layouts that support processes, material, and personnel flows of an efficient operation. Take a moment to explore our BioPharma Sector.

Laboratory Planning

As Lab Planners and Architects, we know what it takes to deliver a highly functional, technically complex, and human focused laboratory. Whether it is a renovation or new facility our process melds knowledge of best practices with careful analysis of user needs established through workshops, interviews, and web-based questionnaires.

JacobsWyper develops space programs that captures footprint requirements and other user needs, including utilities, equipment specifications and important adjacencies, in an interactive deliverable. From there we can create documentation and diagrams needed for design development, cost analysis through to construction. Our in-house capabilites include 3-D walkthroughs of design options to help users visualize the space and expertise such as hazardous materialsto handle any code analysis related to hazardous gases and chemicals. Take a moment to explore our Science & Technology Sector.

Historic Preservation & Restoration

Whether it is adding a contextually sensitive addition or new building, restoring a structure to its original period architecture or finding an innovative way to reuse our existing building stock – our team has experience.

Restoration, preservation and reuse are important in sustaining culture and place making while providing environmentally sustainable construction alternatives. Senior Associate Rob Petito Jr., AIA, leads our historic restoration and preservation services providing expertise in historic building envelope architecture, historic structure reports, building condition assessment reports, specialized owner consultation, feasibility and master plan studies, preservation planning for buildings and sites.

Sustainability Consulting

Designing for sustainability requires a holistic project vision that considers the building, the site, the occupant, and local environmental factors. It means designing in a well analyzed context and developing concepts that can leverage natural systems through thoughtful planning, organization, and detailing.

We understand the tradeoffs between environmental stewardship and budget realities, and we engage our clients at the start of each project to understand their sustainability goals as well as their project requirements. May it be energy efficiency, occupant health, water conservation, site stewardship, or a sustainability benchmark like LEED, Living Building Challenge, or Well Building. Our objective with each project is to find the right balance between initial costs and life cycle economic to produce the optimal sustainable design within project constraints. Our Sustainability manager Christopher Lee keeps the team informed on new products, advances in building technology and changes in certifcations.

Interior Design

Our team is committed to developing environments that integrate with the identity and value of it's ocupants. We design to meet local codes and
building regulations and strive to exceed minimum environmental guidelines.

Principal Chrissy Hartman leads our interior desing team providing Test-fit Planning, Programming, Adjacency analysis,  Code analysis, Interior detailing
Construction documentation, Selection/specification of colors, materials and finishes, Selection/specification of furniture, fixtures and equipment, Engineering and consultant coordination, Management and assessment of construction bid process and Post-occupancy evaluations.

Take a moment to meet our team, learn how it all started and look at some of our recent work

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