It’s how I think…” Every process, every problem, is another captiviating puzzle to solve.  

This way of seeing the world seems to be in Christine’s DNA. A native of upstate NY, Christine spent formative time working alongside her father (an architectural engineer) as they built their family home. And though she also harbored childhood ambitions to become an astronaut, Christine found her true calling in process architecture.

“This type of work is exciting because every plant you go into is different…” from the physicality of the space and specific products being manufactured. Finding creative solutions to those specific problems is what makes the work rewarding, Christine reflects, “it’s really gratifying.”

With a career designing spaces for leading companies like Thermo Fisher and Becton Dickinson, Christine still loves to “geek out” over manufacturing processes, and considers it a privilege to partner with clients as they create highly-optimized workspaces to serve both current and future needs.

A recognized expert in cGMP facilities and process architecture for pharmaceutical, biotechnology and industrial clients, she excels at the design and programming of smart, efficient spaces that support the functions and flows within the facility.