david searles

David Searles


Cultural & Museums Education

“There is nothing more inspiring than improving people's environment and enriching their experience.”

For David, architecture is not an abstraction, it’s a way of building community. And for more than 25 years, David has used this approach to support academic and cultural institutions fulfill their visions for growth while remaining true to their heritage.

David takes a wholistic, human-centered approach to his work, “born in my interest in solving problems for people…” making their day-to-day lives better, perhaps even enlightening.

This people-centered orientation also finds its expression in David’s years of volunteer service and leadership in his local Logan Square Neighborhood Association. It’s a deeply meaningful and gratifying experience which, as he reflects, has also helped him grow professionally.

David likes to travel with his family, stay active, and plays tennis and squash. And though he doubts that today he could beat his best times from his days swimming for his alma mater, the University of Tennessee, that doesn’t stop him from getting in the pool and taking a lap.