“A good architect knows what rules to break,” Eric is fond of saying. It’s a reminder to question assumptions, be nimble and stay open to new ideas.

The same could be said of the jazz and blues musicians that have influenced Eric’s own development as a guitarist, which like architecture, has been a passion of his since childhood.

Eric’s focus over thirty years of architectural practice has been the programming, planning and design of technologically complex laboratory, R&D and manufacturing facilities. His approach, however, “is to go beyond the technical… and design a creative solution that is not only efficient but simple, effective and elegant…”

Eric has written and presented on topics ranging from cGMP design to legacy and greenfield facilities, and he also contributed two chapters to Good Design Practices for GMP Pharmaceutical Facilities, a reference guide for the industry authored by Terry Jacobs.

Eric enjoys gardening, work on home improvement projects, playing guitar, and is a self-confessed political junkie.