Joe is a native Philadelphian, born and raised in the city, and educated at Tyler School of Art and Temple University. “As far as I can remember I was always model-making, drumming, drawing and painting. I knew I was going to have a profession that allows me to be creative and I realized architecture, in fascinating ways, was the culmination of my various artistic and musical interests.”  

Joe still makes his home here in Philadelphia, not out of familiarity, but as an intentional choice to live more sustainably, matched with an appreciation for the layered history and character of urban spaces. As Joe points out, the story of a repurposed space is what draws people to it – its history matters.

“I’m interested in how to keep people attracted to live and invest in urban areas without tearing old spaces down. Recycling and renovating urban spaces is an undervalued approach to sustainable design. I renovated my 105 year old house recently from top to bottom as a tie in to above with a modern approach without disjoining it from the fabric of the block.”

It’s an interest that carries over into his professional work. A creative collaborator and team leader, Joe is adept at renovation and adaptive reuse, new construction projects and multi-disciplinary work in higher education.