Magda joined JacobsWyper in 1998, and in her two decades with the firm has led work across multiple sectors, earning accolades along the way, including multiple awards for the Johnson & Johnson Museum. 

Not one to rest on past successes, she remains eager to get on with the work of making things. After all, the draw of working in architecture is as Magda puts it, “you add something to the universe.” 

This passion for making stays with her in her off time as she tinkers with home remodeling projects, and works in ceramics and textiles. These interests “make me a better designer,” she reflects, as they demand physical labor an attention to detail and that “you look at how things are built.”

This same appreciation for detail continue in her work at JacobsWyper and she brings passion and creativity as a project leader for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, institutional, corporate and industrial clients.

When she takes time away from design related pursuits, Magda gravitates toward solitary athletic activities including dance, kiteboarding, and skiing, where “it’s just you and the mountain.”