Phil joined JacobsWyper in 2010 as an Architectural Designer after graduating Magna Cum Laude from Virginia Tech.

Phil brings a deep understanding of physical materials to his work; a sense of materiality gained first hand working as a youth at Hartzell Machine Works, a family-owned machine shop business started by his great-grandfather. “When someone says a piece of aluminum trim or a piece of steel trim, I can almost in my mind, feel the two,” and weigh the benefits of each.

And it’s that same appreciation for physical materials that drives his work in architecture today. What we build lasts for years to come – “You’re able to leave a mark.”

Initially a key member of the Data Center and Mission Critical Design Team, Phil has recently diversified his experience as project designer/manager on a wide variety of projects for corporate, cultural and industrial clients, including Amtrak’s Stations and Facilities Departments.

As a young father, Phil doesn’t get much “down-time” at home these days, and spends his evenings with his wife and kids. But in the rare moments of quiet, Phil spends time gaming, or reading to stay current to industry trends in architectural theory.