Robert Petito

Rob has more than 30 years’ experience documenting landmark structures and existing buildings for adaptive reuse, renovation, and restoration.  He’s also vintage film buff with a special fondness for old westerns, and film noir from the late 1940’s and early 1950’s.

This appreciation for history is more than coincidental. Rob studied American History at Princeton before taking a position in the tax assessors office in the City of Trenton, NJ, which then in turn led him to a position on the board of the Trenton Historical Society. It was education by immersion in local history.

Those early career experiences proved formative. Rob has a knack for spotting the hidden potential in older buildings, and in his current work at JacobsWyper, finds practical and creative ways to leverage the potential of historic structures through close collaboration with the owner, contractor and members of the design team.

In his spare time, Rob spends time with his family, remains active in his community, and serves on the board of Awbury Arboretum in East Germantown Philadelphia.