Steven Falkowski

AIA / Associate

Cultural & Museums Education

Steven is inspired by the role design can play in building and rebuilding communities and relationships for the purpose of elevating the human experience of life on Earth. With this in mind, he looks to the work of Lebbeus Woods, Ursula K. Le Guin, Samuel Mockbee, Desmond Tutu, Jan Gehl, and Jane Jacobs who have at their core values a humanitarian perspective that informs their vision for places and spaces that uplift and restore the individual’s spirit and a community’s soul.

Steven has over 10 years of experience with extensive knowledge in the preparation of construction documentation, coordinating consultant documentation, and construction administration. This knowledge has been gained through working with a wide range of clients from transit to higher education. Additionally, with his ever-present focus on the relationship between the built environment and human activity Steven is skilled at evaluating user needs and identifying solutions. At JacobsWyper he is a leader in the Higher Education and Cultural & Museums Sectors. Steven works with these clients to achieve highly functional, and often complex spaces, that encourage creativity and learning.