Terry Jacobs

Terry Jacobs

AIA, Founding Partner

Dartmouth College, Bachelor of Architecture, University of Pennsylvania, Master of Architecture

Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical Industrial & Manufacturing Science & Technology Workplace

Terry is the co-founder of JacobsWyper and is a recognized expert in the design of pharmaceutical, biotechnology and corporate facilities with more than 35 years’ experience in the field.  

"Making a building that's beautiful and changes the culture of the workplace - it doesn’t get better than that.”  (But if you ask Terry about his other passion - downhill ski racing - you might find that a day on the slopes takes a close second.)

Terry has had a special focus on sustainable design since he started his career. He co-founded the first AIA Energy committee in 1974, and designed the first SPECA house in Philadelphia in (year). Together with his partner and co-founder Jamie Wyper, they continue to incorporate these sustainable design principles into current  work.

Terry comes from a lineage of architects - in fact there’s been a practicing architect in his family continuously since 1900. Perhaps it’s not surprising that though he began his studies at Dartmouth pursuing his interest in American History, he soon followed the footsteps of his grandfather and uncle, architect Jacobs, co-founder of the influential Collings Jacobs firm in New York.

History still matters to Terry on both a personal and professional level. Reflecting about long-term clients like Wawa, says Terry: “The most rewarding thing been working with them for 35 years...” supporting their mission with great architecture, and seeing them grow from a very small firm to where they are today.

Terry has lectured extensively on the planning and programming of laboratories as well as manufacturing and industrial facilities, and has completed projects for clients in the US, China, Mexico and Saudi Arabia. He is the co-author of Good Design Practices for GMP Pharmaceutical Facilities, a reference book for the industry. 

With such an impressive track record behind him, one might ask what is it that sustains his passion for the work as he looks ahead. 

"Going on site where they’re building...” rolling up your sleeves and seeing the building take shape first hand, “...that's what keeps us going back to it."