Princeton University Toddler Development Lab

The Toddler Development Lab at Princeton represents a new division of the Department of Psychology that focuses on the ways the experiences and cognition of young children interact to shape their learning. JacobsWyper was asked to meet the researchers’ requests that we create a space that will feel inviting and
fun without losing sight of the importance for privacy for visiting families and the need for office space within the Toddler Lab suite. We designed a child and family-friendly space that includes a colorful and vibrant waiting and play area in combination with a group of four sound-proof and distraction-free Testing Rooms.
The researchers and assistants have two distinct areas for work, one that is in close proximity to the main entrance to allow for careful monitoring of visitors, and one that is tucked into the end of the suite, allowing for quiet concentration and enjoying the expansive views over an adjacent green space.


Princeton, New Jersey


1,300 SF

Project Principal

Jamie Wyper

Project Manager

Jamie Doran