Saint Mary's Hall at Saint Joseph's University

This project provided a much-needed renovation to a 13,000 SF mansion built in 1916. Originally designed by noted Philadelphia architect Horace Trumbauer, Saint Mary’s Hall had sustained countless piecemeal renovations over the years.  First built as a private residence, the building was later converted into a convalescent home, and had served as a student dormitory since its acquisition by Saint Joseph’s University.  This project came with the dual goals of converting the building to university offices and of recovering its historic integrity.

Saint Mary’s Hall now houses the offices of the Vice President of Finance and Administration and the Vice President of Human Resources.  Much of the original construction and detailing has been restored.  Visitors to these offices pass through the historic wood-paneled main hall and a new entrance hall detailed to match. The interior has been reconfigured into three stories of office and conference facilities, with added skylights to activate a former attic into habitable space. 

The project provided a new HVAC system and life safety upgrades throughout the building, improved accessibility with the installation of a new elevator, and replaced the building’s windows with new, energy-efficient units that match the appearance of the originals.  With these improvements, Saint Joseph’s University may once again enjoy the grandeur of this historic gem in safety and comfort. 


Lower Merion, PA

Project Principal

Jamie Wyper
st marys