Swarthmore Lang Music Building

The Lang Music building, designed by Mitchell/Giurgola Architects was originally completed in 1973. After forty-six years of use, the college decided it was time for a full renewal to address their infrastructure & departmental needs. JacobsWyper in conjunction with Swarthmore renovated this iconic 1970s building into a space that fosters inclusivity and embraces diverse programming, from a Balinese gamelan orchestra to a Chinese music ensemble, employing considered design techniques and advanced acoustical engineering. The renovations included replacing the entire buildings HVAC, climate control for the Underhill Music & Dance Library, replacement of roof & various restrooms, front entrances, ADA doors, concert hall egress routes, modification to presser room, & restoration of pipe organs. The newly renovated building is now again an inviting space that brings together Swarthmore arts community in collaboration & celebration of music and dance.  


Swarthmore, Pennsylvania




36, 500sf


$9.5 Million