Landis Valley Museum

Located in Lancaster County, the Landis Valley Museum interprets traditional Pennsylvania German rural life using an exceptional collection of objects and building together with presentations of craft, domestic, and farm practices.  The facility is owned by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and is administered by the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission.

This new, 16,500 square foot storage facility houses an important collection of Pennsylvania German artifacts.  The facility meets national museum standards for environment control and security and serves as the principal location within the campus/museum complex for the management, visible storage, and research of the Landis collection.  Compact shelving provides maximum storage on the lower level, while visible storage for large objects and a mezzanine allow visitor views from a public corridor into collections.

All materials are simple and, in keeping with the general types of products found throughout Lancaster County farm country, white metal siding, concrete block and red metal standing seam roofing comprises an envelope whose form evokes those of surrounding barns and storage facilities of the neighborhood.


Lancaster, Pennsylvania


16,500 sf