Delaware Museum of Nature and Science

As one of the region’s preeminent Natural History Museums, renovations include a seamless integration of the exhibit design and public areas. The Master Exhibit Plan redesigns the galleries to change from a diorama-based experience into a more interactive, hands-on experience and will interpret natural history as an essential component of a STEM-based educational curriculum. JacobsWyper Architects support of the experiential environments designed by Reich + Petch provides innovative and creative solutions through a collaborative design approach so that the visitor experience is enhanced by the building and its systems. The project includes special considerations for public entry experience, temperature and humidity, light level, fire protection, and security which play an important role in determining the base building components and space configuration of permanent exhibition and public spaces.  


Wilmington, Delaware


14,000 sf

Project Principal

David Searles

Project Manager

Steven Falkowski


"General Building Under $5 million" Delaware Contractors Association