University of Chicago Cyclotron Facility

This new 8,000 square feet cyclotron research facility contains spaces for research chemistry, radiopharmaceutical production and quality control. Located in the sub-basement of the Bernard Mitchell Hospital, the 18 MeV cyclotron allows researchers to manufacture radioactive isotopes that can be used to diagnose disease, predict outcomes, and assess the effects of drugs. This new capacity has allowed the university to revive its radiochemistry program and expand its multidisciplinary molecular imaging program.

The core of the facility is the cyclotron vault and production laboratories housing radiological “hot cells”. The isotope is created in the cyclotron and transported to the hot cells via conduits installed below the slab. Concrete is used extensively for shielding personnel from the radioactive materials including the cyclotron vault which consists of 7-feet thick concrete walls and ceilings. Because the processing labs are used for the manufacture of an injectable drug they are designed to meet FDA regulations for current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP).


Chicago, Illinois


8,000 sf

Project Principal

Eric H. Bohn